Helping people to maximize their smartphone potential

Context —

The App market has been saturated. It is virtually impossible to discover new Apps that are not in the tops of the major app stores. For some time we have been researching different ways to help users discover new apps, apps that can provide them something more ...
After many tests we have understood that to discover an app itself is not a user motivation. They look for a solution (using technology) to solve their problem/need and this doesn't necessarily has to be with an App although they still love useful Apps. 

CATEGORY: UX Design / Product Design  |  COMPANY: Softonic  |  YEAR: 2015-16


We detected through User Research that a wide part of our users at Softonic were aiming to take full advantage of their smartphone device, so we decided to conduct a test to validate this hypothesis building an app that covers that need.

"People love new apps but they don't want to waste time discovering them"



We designed an app focused on maximize your smartphone potential with pro tips & tricks. Through this value proposition we offer an experience based on content "pills" that solves different user problems/needs. If the problem needs an app we offer the best app, but if the problem doesn't need an app we just explain how to solve that problem the easiest way.

"We offer a tailored experience based on user configurations & user patterns"

We build a fast & dirty functional prototype using wordpress as a Backoffice and Material Design as a visual and UI guideline. We make some guerrilla testing to validate the user interface design and the navigation, and then we published the app @ Google Play Store.



We also designed an iOS version, to experiment with the iOS Human Interface Guideliness and keep learning about the differences between the two platforms and their respective Guideliness. This is still a prototype never released. But we conducted some guerrilla testing to check if it matches the IOS user’s expectations.



We pushed users from Softonic and we make some user acquisition campaigns through Facebook. The main Kpi’s were focused on user retention, and we get high numbers here (mainly because of a great push notifications strategy and content tailored to the different user behaviours).


- When you build fast you have to use some patterns & guideliness to keep high quality standards. For example Material Design Guideliness by Google Design.

- iOS & Android users have a very different mindset. You should discover how this affects your product and take this in mind when you design the interaction and the features you'll offer.